A Letter from Sean Kelly


I am honored and humbled you have chosen to attend my training course. I’ve been extremely lucky over the years and have a wealth of experience I want to share and enjoy sharing with you.

About Sean Kelly, Pristine World Academy, Hazmat Training

During the first Gulf War I was fortunate to be stationed in Mainz, Germany. In 1992, after the war ended I left the Army and went to work for American Airlines in Flight / Ramp Operations at the Frankfurt Airport. In 1994, I was with a company called - Chapman Freeborn, also in Frankfurt. With Chapman Freeborn I was in flight operations and often traveled to faraway places with unique and special cargo. The airplanes and their cargo were my babies. From 1994 through 1998 I was with World Airways. With World, I shuttled troops and equipment to and from mostly Saudi Arabia. I also logged a bunch of time in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia, teaching local technical experts how to load and unload dangerous goods on every type of aircraft imaginable.

From 1998 through 2018, I served as customer service representative with DGI Training. My duties consisted of answering customer’s regulatory questions, assisting with the workbooks, liaison with the Department of Transportation and industry. For the past four years, I again found myself teaching hazmat certification training which I have learned is where I feel most comfortable. 

It’s a joy for me to share my experiences while showing you the regulations which govern how we package, mark, label, document, and ship these dangerous goods materials around the world. We do it in a manner which protects everybody’s safety, our aircraft, and our environment.

Every time something has gone wrong it was because the regulations were not followed. There has never been an accident, an injury, or a death, when hazardous materials are transported in accordance with the regulations. Let’s keep everybody safe, our planes in the sky, and our world pristine – the way it should be.


Sean Kelly, CEO

Pristine World Academy, Inc.


Sean Kelly, hazardous materials (hazmat) and dangerous goods transportation training
Sean Kelly, hazardous materials (hazmat) and dangerous goods transportation training